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American Yakuza - Digital

American Yakuza - Digital

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American Yakuza - NSFW Murder Mystery Adventure (Act 1 of 5)

Join us on a violent, sexy trip to Japan to solve a murder. It's Succession meets John Wick, Tokyo Vice, and MAX's Warrior!

I Invested in an International Conglomerate & Went from an MMA Champion to Becoming the First-Ever American Yakuza is the full title.

American Yakuza, for short, is the first Mature Audiences title from Xion Studios and our first non-supers book. It's also a title that features our first major collaboration with fellow indie comicbook creators Anthony (Tap or Die) Stokes and Chris (I Summoned a Demon and She's Kinda My Type) Moses.

Xavier has to travel to Japan when his business partner is killed. He uncovers a plot of backstabbing and debauchery that he might wish he left alone.

The mystery will unfold throughout 100+ pages of action, intrigue, and entertainment across five 20pg issues/acts in this mature audiences original series.

This is the DIGITAL version of Act I and does not include a tablet -- you gotta buy that separately.

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