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Scott Fogg's Nightcare #1 - Digital

Scott Fogg's Nightcare #1 - Digital

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What's Nightcare?

If you're a superhero, it's where you can drop your kids off as you head out into the night to do some good.  If you're a supervillain, it's where you can drop of your kids before you go and get up to no good.  If you're just a normal, every day person who has a child that is developing superpowers, it's where you can drop your kiddo off at so they can learn about their abilities and develop them.

We took our love of John Hughes movies and infused it with our love of teen superheroes.  The result was Adventures in Babysitting + The Teen Titans + Runaways -- or as we like to call it, Nightcare.

It's a 24-page, full color comic about a group of very special children who are not taken seriously, who have to step up to save one of their friends when everyone tells them not to.  They put aside their prejudices to become something mightier than anyone could have imagined.  The world can be a big, scary place and sometimes terrible things happen -- but with some determination and the right set of friends, anything is possible.

Nightcare created by Scott Fogg. © Scott Fogg, 2020-2024. ARR.

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