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The Complete Spider-Squirrel Volume One Ultimate Edition TPB - Cover B

The Complete Spider-Squirrel Volume One Ultimate Edition TPB - Cover B

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Spider-Squirrel Volume One is now complete and you can get the ENTIRE story right here in a singular, collected digital edition!

We've built three issues of WILD & CRAZY comicbook content featuring indiecomics' PREMIERE comedic duo: Spider-Squirrel & Trash Panda!

Volume One opens with an immediate intro to our two heroes--no origin stories, no "get to know you" section, just jumping into the action--Spider-Squirrel and Trash Panda leap right into action for Spider-Squirrel??

Wait, wait wait. What am I writing copy for again?


Well, yes, that's how things start, apparently, but then something happens that's pretty comicbooky-awesome: chrono-dimensional breaches begin to pop-up all over. Characters from all over the indieverse, past and present and future, begin to appear on the scene. One of these characters, a very stereotypical 1990s-era villain, sends our heroic duo into action! It's crimefighting time!

Unfortunately for Spider-Squirrel, that also means an untimely interaction with a breach. That leaves Trash Panda alone to clean up.

TP finds True Love™, Spider-Squirrel finds his way back home, a big ensemble battle ensues... you'll just have to read it to find out the rest.

It's a fun mess!

This Isn't Just a Reprint!

Nope, nope, nope!

We reprinted all three issues of Volume One here, yes, but there are a series of improvements! It's over 130 pages of AWESOME!

  • New editorial captions!
  • Improved reading!
  • Color fixes and edits!
  • New covers for this collection!
  • A COMPLETE cover gallery without trade dress!
  • A NEW, TEN PAGE epilogue by original series artist D.C. Stuelpner!

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